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NOTES - 2/25/09


Minutes:  ITL Steering Committee

(Aimee Anctil - notetaker) (additions by Bill)

February 25, 2009

•    Bill reminded us about the rationale for an ITL committee

•    Ideas for planning an ITL meeting

•    Recommended that chairs stay in place for at least 2 years and that it changes from staff other than the TT or the LMS

•    Changes in PB Wiki – make sure that wiki password is known and that the wiki is up to date

•    Technology should be a part of the meeting

•    ZARCA – Natalie and Bill are available to train staff

•    Subcommittee meetings are a good way to keep the momentum going throughout the year

•    Bill reviewed each school’s wiki

•    Quick overview of Voice Thread – creating an account – full directions can be found on page 4 of the handout

•    You can upload video into Voice Thread (You can upload Photostory if you "convert" it to a pure WMV file by importing into MovieMaker, then saving as a movie. It puts it into a

      version of WMV that is recognized by Voicethread.)

•    You can use the cell phone feature, webcam, type comments, or record comments

•    There are lots of tutorials loaded onto Voice Thread to teach you how to use it, like “Video Doodling”

•    In Voice Thread, find the 21st C. Skills presentation, comment on our 21st Century Skills Document (5 large standards) in relation to the voice thread presentation

•    21st Century Skills Wiki:  http://wps21stc.pbwiki.com

•    We reviewed the comments that committee members added.

•    Bill asked each ITL committee to determine how they can share the 21st century skills with staff, whether through a faculty meeting, or through grade level or department


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