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Group 3 reflections 10-11

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Group 3 members:


Reflections on these four areas. (Brainstorm ways your school ITL committee IS currently achieving these objectives OR COULD achieve these objectives).



1.)Support the integration of the ITL curriculum at each school

  • Using UPT to collaborate with teachers for research

(e, m, h)

  • Use of wiki (e, m, h)
  • Photostory (h)
  • Use of smartboard as a teaching tool (e, m, h) -
  • Library sites are a collection of appropriate search engines and databases and resources for reseach
  • LMS are teaching classes and LMC is being heavily used by subject teachers. (e,m,h)
  • ITL meeting reports are anecdotal



2.) Support the collection of data that demonstrates or suggests accelerated student learning related to ITL integration

  • Shinystat.com
  • surveys on wiki
  • Working on Zarca Surveys



3.) Support the articulation of the library media program in at least three areas: circulation, ongoing curriculum integration, and special projects.

  • LMS attending grade level meetings to develop collaborative units.
  • School wide book review to include teacher and student input before book purchases.
  • Connection with community via book fairs and family nights in LMC



4.) Support the identification of BEST PRACTICES

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