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MEMBERS 2008-09

Page history last edited by Bill Derry 15 years, 8 months ago


District   ITL Steering Committee
Natalie Carrignan,

Director of IT

Bill Derry,

Coordinator of ITL

CES -lmc

Pam Syndercombe – co-chair, Tech

Eileen Carroll – co-chair, Tech.

Janna Bell -- Assistant Principal

Sarah Spencer - LMC

GFS -lmc

Caitlin Walsh – chair, 4th

Kevin Cazzetta - Asst. Princ.

Michele DeCarlo – 3rd

Kelly Auringer -- LMS

Sally Wanamaker -- Tech. T.

KHS -lmc

Aimee Anctil – co-chair-LMS

Tara Doyle – co-chair-Tech. T.

Kelly Harrison -- 3

Anne Nesbitt – Asst. Prin.

LLS - lmc

Steve Cerny– chair – 3rd

Nicholas Brophy- Asst.Prin.

Michael Brownstein– Tech.T.

Barbara Eilertsen - LMS

SES - lmc

Denia D'Alessandro, co-chair, 3rd

Eric Lawrence, co-chair, 5th

BMS - lmc

Megan Tiley–chair, Vice Principal

Laurie Gray – Math

Kathy Fleming -- Tech Teacher

Lauren Bullock -- Tech Teacher

Rita Hennessey - LMS

CMS - lmc

Deb Perry - co-chair, Tech teacher

David Rosvally – co-chair, Science

Mike Rizzo, chair-Vice Principal

John Horrigan, LMS

SHS - lmc

Kevin Glass, chair - Science

Richard Franzis -- Vice Principal

James Farnen -- Vice Principal

Rob Rogers – Technology

Julia Roberts – LMS

Robin Stiles – LMS


CES Eileen Carroll – co-chair, technology teacher

CES Pam Syndercombe – co-chair, technology teacher

CES Janna Bell – assistant principal

CES Jenn Dunn – 1st grade teacher

CES Katie Hall – 5th grade teacher

CES Peter Kopp – 3rd grade teacher

CES MaryJo Lombardo – art teacher

CES Nicole Michel -- 4th grade teacher

CES Karen Nelson – 2nd grade teacher

CES Melissa Paolini -- principal

CES Annie Roesler – kindergarten teacher

CES Sarah Spencer – library media specialist

GFS Caitlin Walsh– chair, 4th grade teacher

GFS Kelley Auringer – library media specialist

GFS Mary Ellen Barry – 1st grade teacher

GFS Kevin Cazzetta – assistant principal

GFS Michelle DeCarlo – 3rd grade teacher

GFS Nicole Fieschel – chair, 2nd grade teacher

GFS Karen Frawley – kindergarten teacher

GFS Jon Herbst – physical education teacher

GFS Kristen Lukovitz– 5th grade teacher

GFS Suzanne Propp – music teacher

GFS Sally Wanamaker – technology teacher

KHS Aimee Anctil – co-chair – library media specialist

KHS Tara Doyle – co-chair – technology teacher

KHS Maria Castelluccio – principal

KHS Nancy Di Stasio – 5th grade teacher

KHS Kelly Harrison – 3rd grade teacher

KHS Caitlin Massey – kindergarten teacher

KHS Anne Nesbitt – assistant principal

KHS Nicole Petit – 4th grade teacher

KHS Deborah Stover – 2nd grade teacher

KHS Thea Wirkus-Platz – 1st grade teacher

LLS Steven Cerny – chair -- 3rd grade teacher

LLS Jen Ackerman – 2nd grade teacher

LLS Janet Adams – 1st grade teacher

LLS Nicholas Brophy – assistant principal

LLS Michael Brownstein – technology teacher

LLS Dolly Donaldson – ESOL teacher

LLS Barbara Eilertsen – library media specialist

LLS Joanne Fasciolo – 5th grade teacher

LLS Goldie Librach – kindergarten teacher

LLS Deanne Schultz – SPED teacher

LLS Betsy Sullivan – 4th grade teacher

LLS Linda Sweeney – technology teacher

LLS Jennifer Zugarazo – world language teacher

SES Eric Lawrence, -- co-chair -- 5th grade teacher

SES Denia D’Allesandro, c0-chair -- 3rd grade teacher

SES Katie Bloom, 2nd grade teacher

SES Jen Byrne, kindergarten teacher

SES Maureen Cadden, 4th grade teacher

SES Ken Hine – technology teacher

SES Rae Anne Locke – library media specialist

SES Megan Stone, 1st grade teacher


BMS Megan Tiley – chair, assistant principal

BMS Anitha Bolar – math teacher, grade 7

BMS Lauren Bullock – technology teacher, BAM

BMS Kathy Fleming – technology teacher, BAM

BMS Lauren Francese- social studies teacher, grade 8

BMS Michelle Graham – math teacher, grade 7

BMS Laurie Gray – math teacher, grade 8

BMS Rita Hennessey – library media specialist

BMS Lynn Karmen – art teacher

BMS Debra Labella – social studies teacher, grade 6

BMS Karen McCormick – drama/presentation skills

CMS Deb Perry – co-chair, computer teacher

CMS David Rosvally – co-chair, science

CMS Pete Alfano -- science

CMS Trish Broadbent – school psychologist intern

CMS Bryan Davis – social studies

CMS John Horrigan – library media specialist

CMS Ben Frimmer – computer teacher

CMS Lauren Pitocco, assistant principal

CMS Mike Rizzo, assistant principal

CMS Christine Sileo – mathematics


SHS Kevin Glass -- chair, english

SHS Rita Appel, special education

SHS Carla Eichler, art

SHS James Farnen – assistant principal

SHS Rich Franzis – assistant principal

SHS Chris Fray, world language

SHS Daniel Geraghty, english

SHS Jim Honeycutt, media

SHS Julia McNamee, english

SHS Eric Mongirdas, social studies

SHS Julia Roberts – library media specialist

SHS Rob Rogers, computer science

SHS David Scrofani, science

SHS Robin Stiles – library media specialist

SHS Kristin Veenema, english

SHS David Willick, social studies

SHS Gregg Winters – music

SHS Mike Zito -- media

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