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District ITL Steering Committee Members: (26)

Bill Derry -- chair, coordinator of ITL

Natalie Carrignan, director of IT

CES Melissa Paolini – co-chair, princ.

CES Eileen Carroll – co-chair, tech.

CES Nicole Michel - 4th gr. teacher

GFS Caitlin Walsh – chair, 4th gr.

Kevin Cazzetta – assistant principal

GFS Michele DeCarlo – 3rd gr.

KHS Aimee Anctil – lms

KHS Tara Doyle – tech.teach.

KHS Kelly Harrison – 3rd gr. teacher

KHS Anne Nesbitt – assistant princ.

LLS Janna Bell – chair – K-5 literacy coordinator

LLS Nicholas Brophy – assist. princ.

LLS Eileen Bemus – tech.teach.

LLS Barbara Eilertsen- lms

SES Rae Anne Locke – co-chair – lms

SES Ken Hine – co-chair – tech.teach.

SES Eric Lawrence, 5th gr. teacher

BMS Megan Tiley – chair, vice princ.

BMS Laurie Gray – math teacher, 8th

CMS Mike Rizzo, chair – vice princ.

CMS David Rosvally – science

SHS Rob Rogers – computers

SHS Julia Roberts – lms

SHS Robin Stiles – lms


School ITL Committee Members:



Melissa Paolini – co-chair , princ.

Eileen Carroll – co-chair, tech.teach.

John Bayers - assistant princ.

Nancy Cort – tech.teach.

Sarah Spencer – lms

Sheila Florio – LA/Reading/Math

Annie Roesler– kindergarten teacher

Jenn Dunn – 1st gr. teacher

Keri Paradis – 2nd gr. teacher

Peter Kopp– 3rd gr. teacher

Nicole Michel -- 4th gr. teacher

Katie Hall  -- 5th gr. teacher

Mary Jo Lombardo - art teacher

Marge Manoff - world language teacher



Caitlin Walsh -- chair, 4th gr. teacher

Nicole Fieschel – 2nd gr. teacher

Kevin Cazzetta - assistant princ.

Karen Frawley – kindergarten teacher

MaryEllen Barry – 1st gr. teacher

Michelle DeCarlo – 3rd gr. teacher

Kristen Lukovitz– 5th gr. teacher

Sally Wanamaker – tech.teach.

Kelley Auringer – lms

Suzanne Propp – music teacher

Jon Herbst – p.e. teacher

Christine Manka -- world language



Aimee Anctil – co-chair – lms

Tara Doyle – co-chair – tech.teach.

Maria Castelluccio - princ.

Anne Nesbitt - assistant princ.

Caitlin Massey – kindergarten teacher

Erin Carolan– 1st gr. teacher

Kelly Harrison – 3rd gr. teacher

Nancy Di Stasio – 4th gr. teacher

Melanie Carroll – 5th gr. teacher



Janna Bell – chair – 5th gr. teacher

Nicholas Brophy – assistant princ.

Goldie Librach – kindergarten teacher

Becky Laus – 1st gr. teacher

Lori Grindrod – 2nd gr. teacher

Steven Cerny – 3rd gr. teacher

Betsy Sullivan – 4th gr. teacher

Joanne Fasciolo – 5th gr. teacher

Pam Garra - 5th gr. teacher

Barbara Eilertsen – lms

Eileen Bemus – tech.teach.

Jennifer Zugarazo – world language



Ken Hine – co-chair – tech.teach.

Rae Anne Locke – co-chair – lms

Bob Buckley, princ.

Jen Byrne, kindergarten teacher

Megan Stone, 1st gr. teacher

Davia Phillips, 2nd gr. teacher

Denia D'Alessandro, 3rd gr. teacher

Roshawn Cooper, 4th gr. teacher

Eric Lawrence, 5th gr. teacher

Tracy Wright, physical education



Megan Tiley – chair, vice princ.

Anitha Bolar – math teacher, 7th

Lauren Bullock – tech .teach.

Kathy Fleming -- tech. teach.

Lauren Francese- social studies, 8th

Laurie Gray – math teacher, 8th

Michelle Graham -- math teacher, 7th

Rita Hennessey – lms

Lynn Karmen – art teacher,

Debra LaBella -- social studies, 6th

Karen McCormick – presentation skills/BAM teacher



Mike Rizzo, chair – assistant princ.

Pete Alfano -- science

Bryan Davis – social studies

Candace McGovern – tech. teach.

Cynthia Messina – science

Georgia Orlando – school counselor

Lauren Pittocco – social studies

David Rosvally – science

Christine Sileo – mathematics



Bill Derry -- chair - coord. ITL

Rita Appel, special dd.

Jenn Cirino, computer assistant

Taryn DiSorbo, math

Carla Eichler, art

Jim Farnen, asst. princ.

Chris Fray, world language

Daniel Geraghty, english

Kevin Glass, science

Jim Honeycutt, media

Joel Kabak, science

Eric Mongirdas, social studies          

Julia Roberts – lms

Rob Rogers, computer science

Deb Sawch, english

David Scrofani, science               

Robin Stiles – lms

Kristin Veenema, english

David Willick, social studies

Greg Winters, music

Mike Zito, media


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