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2-25-10 Agenda

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February 25, 2010



1:45 - Welcome

Please pick up a laptop

Set up BackChannel

You will receive a password to enter the chatroom.While waiting please read this article:



2:00-2:10 - GFS - 5th Grade Unit -- Developing Better Presentation Skills

Stacey Fowle, 5th grade teacher - Nicole Fieschel, Technology teacher

Presentation Skills-GFS.doc



2:15-2:25 - BMS - Creating a Tourism Commercial in a French Class

Lisa Fancher, 8th grade French - Rita Hennessey, LMS

Project Tourism Commercial.doc

We will be using Animoto.doc

Animoto for Education.doc


2:30-2:40 - SHS - Health Public Service Announcements

Kelly Garrity and Nicole Ross, Health teachers and Julia Roberts and Robin Stiles, LMSs

SHS-ITL Steering mtg 2-25-10.doc


2:40-2:50 - LLS - 4th Grade Use of Blackboard

Phaedra Taft, 4th grade teacher and Barbara Eilertsen, LMS



2:50- 3:00 - Diigo and Diigolet

Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other Stuff



3:00-3:10 - CES - SCRATCH, SCIENCE, ART and 3rd Graders

MaryJo Lombardo, Art teacher - Kate Lyle, 3rd Grade teacher

Pam Syndercombe, Technology Teacher

CES Painted Lady Butterflies Collaborative Scratch Project.doc


3:15 - 3:25 - KHS - 5th Grade Spanish Digital Photo Stories

Ali Scozzafava, Spanish teacher -- Tara Doyle, Technology teacher

KHS-ITL Meeting February 25 - edited.doc


3:25- 3:35 Closing

Final Meeting on JUNE 1st will deal with Assessment of ITL and Contemporary Literacy Skills





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