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2-25-10 "BACKCHANNEL" Notes

Page history last edited by Bill Derry 14 years, 3 months ago

In this Backchannel conversation I have added the agenda items nearest the point where the conversation changed to deal with that presentation:


2:00-2:10 - GFS - 5th Grade Unit -- Developing Better Presentation Skills

Stacey Fowle, 5th grade teacher - Nicole Fieschel, Technology teacher


barbe: OK this is about Stacy at GFS

Rita H:I like the idea of students evaluating themselves on their presentations and reflecting on what they would work on for their next presentation

KA: I am proud of these students.

barbe: Do you think full screen could be messing up the signal?

Aimee: Great use of Skype to interact with people at another school...especially with seeing their screen.

BeckyL: Most presentations I've seen students give have a student reading the slides. What an amazing difference! I like the integration of math and science.

Aimee: Nice job citing sources!

JDB: Were they allowed to pick anything for their practice presentations or did they have topics to choose from?

barbe: How long did they rehearse so that their presentation was smooth?

sspencer: The boys were very clear answering our questions. Great job!!!

jroberts: LLS 5th grade: upgraded planets presentations by having students compare 2 presentations and critiquing them. Then they made their own trying to make their's better. The one we watched was interactive with audience. Included sources. They clearly liked the interactive slides than previous types of presentations.

KathyF from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 6 hours ago

BeckyL: That was actually GFS, not LLS.


2:10-2:25 - BMS - Creating a Tourism Commercial in a French Class

Lisa Fancher, 8th grade French - Rita Hennessey, LMS


barbe: Is this the educators version of Animoto?

fiescheln:They only rehearsed a few times in the classroom.

laurenb: The slides were clear and concise, uncluttered.

Aimee: I really like how in the Animoto commericial, the student was still in charge of selecting the content. All Animoto did was "fancy up" the transitions. The student is still demonstrating an understanding of what heor she learned.

laurenb: Does animoto allow recording of narration?

KA: I was quite impressed with Animoto. Is it difficult to learn?

fiescheln:I don't think it allows narration or recordings.

JDB:Has anyone used this at the elementary level?

laurenb: Students used correct terminology when explaining the program and even though they said it was easy, they seemed to enjoy the activity.

PamS: Seems easy enough for the elem kids to use

barbe: I have shown Animotos at the elem. level, but have not created one with students. I know there is an educators version.

KA: Our 5th graders do a country project. This would be a nice addition to that project. I can think of many uses for it at the elementary level.

jroberts: French commercials from BMS: Animoto was used as tool to represent topics, adding music. They had to show cultural universals such as housing, environment, recreation, spirituality, and food. Students worked in groups. Terrific commercial and good program to use because it's so easy. Animoto for education allows longer projects.

dperry: thank you Bedford students for your Animoto presentations :)

barbe: Completely fun and motivating for students.

barbe: OK, this Backchannel totally agrees with my learning modality. (YEAH, me too, Barb! I'm on the back backchannel now! - BillD)

Rob Rogers: What I love about using PS with this project, is that it allows the students to make the projects much more personal. It becomes a process rather than a regurgitation of material.

Rob Rogers: er Video I mean.

fiescheln:This is very powerful...

Rita H: Animoto is very easy to learn. I suppose you could put in narration if you record it in Audacity & save it as an mp3 file; but you can only import one sound file

I guess you could have a CD playing in the background as you record to have narration & music in one file

2:25-2:40 - SHS - Health Public Service Announcements

Kelly Garrity and Nicole Ross, Health teachers and Julia Roberts and Robin Stiles, LMSs

Presented live with one student:

PamS: The flip software allows you to import .mp3 files and use as background music

PamS: it looks like they imported the flip video into imove and edited it there

BeckyL: Wow. That was powerful. I wonder if these students have participated in video production before?

KA: I am so impressed!

laurenb: some the titles in the psa were difficult to read because of lack of contrast. it's a simple fix.

Rob Rogers: Probably easier to read on a CRT / LCD screen

Rob Rogers: Using student selected music to me is key to this project.

barbe: Can you take a song and remix it in Garageband and then use more than 30 sec?

Aimee: The PSA on depression was incredible. Very powerful. The student was clearly so proud of his work. I especially liked the way they could choose a topic meaningful to them and create a strong message based on what they learned.

Rita H:I loved the PSA - very moving and effective

fiescheln:I think the addition of the statistics added to the powerful feeling this PSA portrayed.

barbe: I am always amazed at what students do when given the freedom to create video.

Rob Rogers: The ability to use video / audio really allows for more understanding of the material becuase they have to synthesize the information before they can create with it.


2:40-2:55 - LLS - 4th Grade Use of Blackboard

Phaedra Taft, 4th grade teacher and Barbara Eilertsen, LMS

Presented via Skype (with some audio issues!)

Rita H:I like that the Scholastic site lets you print out the book! That is very cool

KA: What was the Schollastic site?

BeckyL: It's "The Stacks" at scholastic.com

jroberts:Disregarding Skype problems, the use of BB by 4th graders gives me hope for the future use at SHS.

Rob Rogers: I second that, Julia

KA - the Scholastic site was the one that allowed students to create their own tale (the example we saw was based on A Dog's Life, I believe)

3:00-3:10 - CES - SCRATCH, SCIENCE, ART and 3rd Graders

MaryJo Lombardo, Art teacher - Kate Lyle, 3rd Grade teacher

Pam Syndercombe, Technology Teacher

Via Skype

KA: Scratch is so much fun for students. It was inspiring and great to see younger students using it

jroberts:I find it interesting that the elem. students love Scratch and we can't get students to use it at SHS. We'll have to figure out other ways of using it.

laurenb: Middle school students at BMS absolutely love it!

sspencer :Great job, Jacob and Nicole!!

Rob Rogers: I don't think we have introduced it to the right group of students. Or in the right way.

Aimee: I really see so many possibilities for curriculum integration using Scratch.

Rob Rogers: And cross disciplines, Aimee

laurenb: The Scratch website has many suggestions and examples. http://www.scratch.mit.edu

jroberts: I agree that we haven't found the right project and group of students to use Scratch at SHS. (NOTE: I'd like to work with you and a class on it if you can find an interested teacher and the "right" content. BillD)

Rob Rogers: http://www.scratch.mit.edu

Rob Rogers: WOW, 4 sessions of 40 mins only is amazing.

KA: All of the students today have done a wonderful job! I see many curriculum applications for these

Aimee: I want to use Skype more...and Scratch...and Animoto...and Flip....Oh My!

KA: Me too!

dperry: 3rd graders using Scratch! wonderful!

Rob Rogers: With more and more of these tools being used at the Elem. and MS level, I wonder if the students coming into HS will feel like "I've been there done that" We may have to step up to a higher level when they get to Staples.

Aimee: Don't worry Rob. By then, there will be a whole new set of tools!!! :)


3:10 - 3:20 - KHS - 5th Grade Spanish Digital Photo Stories

Ali Scozzafava, Spanish teacher -- Tara Doyle, Technology teacher

Rita H:I am so impressed with the 5th graders and their digital stories. They are speaking in the target language and seem so comfortable speaking Spanish.

laurenb: BMS spanish teachers should see the KHS spanish projects! very impressive!

fiescheln:I have collaborated with the GFS spanish teacher and created something similar for 2nd grade when the kids learn clothing and color words. They draw a picture of themselves and describe what they are wearing in Spanish.


3:20-3:30 - Diigo and Diigolet

Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other Stuff

barbe: What do I have to do so that the members of my groups get an email notification when I add a new site to Diigo?

BeckyL: You can't, Barb. They have to sign up to get notifications immediately, daily, or weekly.

barbe: OK, so how do they sign up to get notifications?

BeckyL: When you join the group it prompts you to decide how often you'd like to be notified.

barbe: OK, I got it. It's called Alert Settings on the right side of the screen.



































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