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2-17-11 Notes

Page history last edited by Jenn Cirino 13 years, 5 months ago

ITL Steering Committee Meeting
February 17, 2011


1.) Welcome (1:45 – 1:50)

2.) Project Shares from Our Colleagues… (1:50 – 2:30)

Examples of different methods/projects for developing Contemporary Literacies

  1. Prezi – Julia Roberts, LMS, SHS
    1.  http://prezi.com/jcacj8ftlia_/creativity-and-bipolar-disorder-a-connection/
  2. Google Docs – Lauren Bullock, Tech Teacher, and Rita Hennessey, LMS, BMS  [wiki]
  3. Atomic Learning – Deb Perry, Tech Teacher, CMS
  4. CES ITL Initiative – CES ITL Committee Leaders (Pam Syndercombe, Tech Teacher; Thea Wirkus-Platz, 2nd Gr Teacher; Jenn Cirino, Coord. of ITL; et. al.)
  5. Make Beliefs Comix – Nicole Moeller, Tech Teacher, GFS

3.) Internet Safety - Hands-On (2:30 – 3:00)

Jenn Cirino - Important Topic Added to the Parent Workshops:

4.) School ITL Committee Updates(3:00 – 3:25)

Update: Looking back at the goals your schools’ ITL committees set in the beginning of the year, how has your school's ITL committee done?


***Notes from October's District ITL Committee Meeting:

    • Eric shared: Wanting Technology to be a large part of the classroom - but making it seem to teachers WHY it is important to add tools - use "Big Think" as the idea (w or w/o technology) and just show them (but not "have to" use them) - be positive
    • Barb: SES based it around a picture book (something technological around the picture book) - RaeAnne: this past week, there was an article in the NY TImes about how 'the picture book is dead' - "Picture Books No Longer a Staples for Children," by Julie Bosman. New York Times 7 Oct. 2010:A1. (they are not being published as much anymore) - would be good to emphasize the picture books - many picture books are not even read at the elementary level
    • Robin: SHS - ITL committee - excited about Dan - they are interested in more "sharing" since there are so many teachers doing great things, and looking to share what they are doing
    • Dan: Need to know what students are working on in younger grades (especially with the high school) - what exactly? thinking activities or technology activities? mostly thinking... 

Group discussion:

School Updates:

  • CES -
  • GFS - Their goal is to support teachers in using the ITL curriculum.  With Big Think as Kelly's PDEP goal, the team is exploring how they can integrate into their curriculum.  They'd like to bring back more in-depth thematic units and the UTC into their building
  • KHS -
  • LLS - With very enthusiastic members on our ITL committee, we have been diving into David Loercher's Big Think strategies.  We discuss and practice implementation of the strategies in our classrooms across the curriculum.  We created a Google Form to get feedback and collect a "menu" of ways Big Think strategies were beneficial to our students.  Members of the ITL committee are sharing our study of Big Think at grade level meetings and, ultimately, it is our goal that all LLS students will be given opportunities to THINK BIG!  

                    Additionally, this month, we got together to explore creative ways to celebrate Read Across America month with the LLS community.  In years past, our school mascot Leo travelled around the US (inspiring students to read more) and literally got "into" a  book (inspiring  students to get into their reading).  Next month, we will create a "Book Club" to promote discussion about books.


  • SES -  SES is looking forward to bringing the Big Think into projects in the classroom.
  • BMS - Exploring various informationa technologies, to advance instruction, to promote best practice, to enhance student learning, while preparing students for the 21st century.
  • CMS - Goals for the year included professional development opportunities. CMS ITL has organized faculty meeting technology presentations with 'hands on' work sessions incorporated. Giving teachers time to use the technologies is critical. We offered 4 presentations with time to develop lessons, etc. Since Atomic Learning is a current resource, we would like to arrange for a faculty meeting allowing staff time to explore. Perhaps, faculty could demonstrate earning CEUs or how they used new skills. In addition, the ITL committee is building ideas on how to show/document evidence of Contemporary Literacies inside the BOE Problem Solving Project 2011 (grades 6, 7, 8).


  • SHS - Staples Speaks YouTube channel with David Pogue to kick off. 


5.) Wrap-Up (3:25 – 3:30)

Ideas for Agenda items for the last meeting on June 1st




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