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ITL Steering Committee Members - 2014-2015


District | ITL GSite

Jennifer Cirino - Coordinator of Information & Technology Literacy (ITL)

Natalie Carrignan - Director of Technology

James D'Amico - Director of Secondary Education

Julie Droller - Director of Elementary Education

Becky Laus - Elementary Math/Literacy Coordinator



Deb (Boyhen) DeFrancesco – Library Media Specialist

Nicole Deering – 1st Grade Teacher

Johanna Davis – Assistant Principal

Lynda Codeghini – Pre-School Coordinator


GFS | LMC | Technology

Emily (Hughes) Soler – Technology Teacher

Chris Breyan – Assistant Principal

Amy Koppe – 3rd Grade Teacher


KHS | LMC | Technology

John Brakeman – Library Media Specialist

Elizabeth Algiere – 5th Grade Teacher

Susie Da Silva – Principal


LLS | LMC | Technology

Barbara Eilertsen – Library Media Specialist

Sara Gavey – 3rd Grade Teacher

Christopher Wermuth – Assistant Principal


SES | LMC | Technology

Eric Lawrence – Technology Teacher

Megan Stone – 1st Grade Teacher

Beth Messler – Principal



Rita Hennessey – Library Media Specialist

Lauren Bullock – Technology Teacher

Michele Niedermeier – 7th Grade Math Teacher

Nancy Pennell – SPED Teacher, 7th Grade

Adam Rosen – Principal


CMS | LMC | Technology

John Horrigan – Library Media Specialist

Deb Perry – Technology Teacher

Dan Miller – 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Micah Lawrence – Assistant Principal



Colin Neenan – Library Media Specialist

Rob Rogers – Social Studies Teacher

Tamara Weinberg – Library Media Specialist

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